Sentinel Ridge wins Honor Award and Forty-One Oaks wins Merit Award from AIA Santa Clara Valley.

5-fa-sentinel-timber-steel-constructionSENTINEL RIDGE
“Its not only the architecture’s respect for the site, but its willingness to engage in a meaningful dialogue with it,” commented juror Marc Guberman of Foster + Partners. “With a minimal number of gestures, the barn building is embedded into the bedrock, volumes are subtracted to form indoor outdoor living spaces. A thoughtful circulation spine allows for movement through, and a connection to the exterior at all moments. Another strength of the project lies in its modest and focused set of formal moves. Constructed with pre-fabricated, and highly precise and reclaimed components.”

“The material language is raw and natural and brought together in a refined way. The design draws on the cultural heritage and simplicity of the region’s vernacular barns, while taking a bold leap forward in its material craft and assembly. The sensory experience of the site is powerful, and leaves an imprint of the place with us as we return to civilization and the valley below.” -Jess Field

For more information about the Sentinel Ridge project click here.

1-fa-fortyoneoaks-oakwoodland01FORTY-ONE OAKS “We began seeing the architecture as a way of learning from the existing oaks. Not by mimicking them, but rather by connecting our well-being to theirs. By using the trees to guide our decisions we were able to cultivate a symbiotic relationship that allows the oak woodland ecology to thrive, while providing a privileged and unique living environment in nature,” – Jess Field.

For more information about the Forty-One Oaks project click here.