Howell Mountain, California

“The sublimely understated home that architect Jess Field and designer Erin Martin recently composed in Napa Valley appears like a piece of thread—one made of wood, metal, glass and plaster—that’s woven into the landscape, joining vineyard terrain to the north and a forested settling to the south…. In this case, his effort yielded a string of three simple rectangular forms that display contemporary and agrarian aesthetics and appear as if they’ve grown up out of the intersection between two distinct topographies. As Martin explains, this residence is not another modern farmhouse. “It’s something that couldn’t be found just anywhere,” the designer says. “When you’re standing out there between the vineyards and the trees and you’re surrounded by that much beauty, you realize you don’t need much more than what’s there naturally.” – Laura Mauk, LUXE, 2017

On a dramatic mountain site high above the Napa Valley, we approached the project with a reverence for this particular protected land, and a strong prioritization of its multiple sensory experiences. We continued our understanding of architecture as being in spatial dialogue with a landscape, producing a design that became a vehicle through which this land’s nuance and character could be revealed. We relied on building information modeling to produce a straight-to-fabrication design, reducing the time on-site and minimizing extensive site impact. We see the use of technology here as a re-orientation towards a deep understanding of sustainability, one present not only in material and site but also construction.

Press: A Howell Mountain Vineyard is One With Nature, Laura Mauk, LUXE



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