Kol Emeth Synagogue Center  by Field Architecture and Hawley, Peterson, Synder wins Citation Award from AIA Santa Clara Valley.

“The goal of this project was to embrace ecological responsibility and most importantly create spaces that are welcoming to all who enter. Field Architecture and Hawley Peterson Snyder accomplished that by many touch points throughout the project. A key feature that addresses this goal is a wood screened lattice wall that greets you immediately. The 2,200 reclaimed North American, weather resistant timber shorts diverted from landfill, are spaced and individually rotated to control low west sun and optimize day light. Another feature is an open ceiling pattern of wood that make an impression of nature’s element of wind by undulating these wood (canopy) elements.  This concern for embracing nature doesn’t stop here. By having radiant walls and ceilings as well photovoltaic panels, they achieved a Net Zero rating. Nature and architecture can coexist. Well done!” -Mark Anderson, Juror, Artist/Designer

“The ethos of the design seeks to express the community’s embrace of ecological responsibility, and to create a model for spiritual and environmental health. As such, the new center is conceived as a holistic environment with a loose fitting program. The sanctuary, open courtyard and social hall form three discrete structures that can combine to form one great space, draped by an intricate wood canopy. Evoking the prayer shawl, this space will become the very soul of the community,” -Stan Field.

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