AREA Italy Issue 117 Wineries

AREA Issue 117“Our ambition for Bodega Bauer was to create an architecture informed by the same particularities of the earth which are embodied in the wine of the region.” 

AREA Architectural Review Journal, Italy: Issue 117
Wineries: From parts of the landscape to portions of the building

“…the places where wine is produced today are actually “parts of the landscape”, fragments of a territory where art and culture, innovation and tradition, agriculture and industry, are merged and confused in an aggregate that has to balance different and variegated aspects. Many contemporary projects clearly show, highlight or more simply prioritize one of the aspects stressed here, but it is in the difficult and equilibrated relationship with the surrounding environment that the building where wine is produced demonstrates its sagacity and value, because its richness and fortune, now as in the past, comes directly from the earth.”

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