“KAHN at Penn : Transformative Teacher of Architecture” by James Williamson released in April, 2015. The book is a critical, in-depth study of Kahn’s philosophy of education … the first extensive and comprehensive investigation of the Kahn Master’s Class as seen through the eyes of his graduate students at Penn.

Pictured above in a photograph from Kahn’s studio. Stan to Kahn’s right, and Jess to Stan’s right. Stan graduated Kahn’s 1968 Master’s Class in Architecture at Penn, and was delighted to accept the invitation to contribute a chapter to the book.

“Inspired by [his] views of time and place, I would be drawn back to my native South Africa by my deep connection to nature.  I had begun to see Lou Kahn’s powerful philosophical constructs in a new light that embraced ecological dynamics as the shaper of form.” Stan Field from his essay, “From the Ground”

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