Founded and led by Stan Field and son Jess Field, fA is a multi-generational firm dedicated to deepening the connection between people and the places they love.

The firm sees site, landscape and wildlife as the natural elements that form the foundation of each project. Building upon this context, they consider architectural interventions of all scales in terms of the client’s aspirations, the sustainability of the project, the material palette and place making.

Winner of multiple Progressive Architecture (PA) Awards


Stan Field

Stan was born in South Africa and received his Bachelor of Architecture at the University of Cape Town in 1967. He received his Masters in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia in 1968, studying under Louis I. Kahn. He has practiced in three countries where his work has been widely acclaimed. Stan was appointed Chief Architect to the City of Jerusalem in 1978, was a partner in Moshe Safdie Associates and later opened his own practice in Jerusalem. In 1990, following his appointment as visiting professor at the University of California at Berkeley, Stan relocated his residence and office to Palo Alto, California.
His projects have included large scale planning projects, master plans, urban and town planning projects, institutional buildings, custom residences and residential developments, design guidelines, wineries, health and community center and, most recently, a synagogue complex in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Stan has a remarkable story of success in garnering approvals and bringing together disparate interest groups, including projects on highly contested, environmentally sensitive sites. He has brought about unanimous consensus between environmental groups, developers, and governing bodies including the California Coastal Commission.

Stan has lectured at numerous universities, including U.C. Berkeley and Stanford in California, Bezalel in Israel, University of Witwatersrand and University of Cape Town in South Africa. In 2012 Stan was honored to be selected as the 24th Sophia Gray Laureate and presented “For the Love of Architecture”, an Exhibition and Lecture tracing 40 years of his practice.

Stan’s work is infused with his own infectious optimism and commitment to the ability of architecture to inspire and transform. His projects have been published extensively and have received national and international recognition.

Jess Field

Jess was born in Johannesburg, where his father, Stan, introduced him to architecture at a young age. Stan would sit Jess on top of large-scale plans on the dining table, where they would pour over drawings together. Stan’s stories of hut construction in Swaziland, and Lou Kahn’s teachings at Penn formed Jess’ first impressions of architecture. Sketching from an early age, Jess developed a fluency in drawing and draftsmanship, later to be complemented by an equal level of skill and artistry with digital tools.

Jess received his Masters of Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley, in 2006, where he graduated with honors, and won the Eisner Prize for the highest creative achievement. He worked in San Diego with Teddy Cruz, who visited an exhibition of Jess’ drawings, and was taken with the work. As project designer in Teddy’s office, he won a Progressive Architecture (P/A) award in 2003, the first of three more P/A awards that he would receive under his own practice. Jess worked with Tom Wiscombe in Los Angeles and Vienna on numerous projects including the award winning Seoul International Performing Arts Center in 2005. Jess has lectured at Berkeley, University of San Francisco, and University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, and is a frequent visiting critic for student reviews and seminars.

Jess’ approach to construction and design solutions are both artistic and practical, aiming to celebrate the natural opportunities offered by each site, together with clients’ specific needs. His designs have been characterized by rigorous attention to detail, sensuous expression of materials and craftsmanship, and a seamless integration of indoors and outdoors.


As a self employed designer, Jeff designed and built custom furniture and specialty architectural hardware and mechanisms. Jeff met Stan while studying for his Masters of Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley. The purchase of one of Jeff’s table designs by Carol Field brought Stan and Jeff together professionally. Jeff is an avid motorcyclist and happy family man with his architect wife, Susannah and two small children, Edward and Mary.


Juliet Hsu is a licensed architect with 9 years of architectural design experience. The breadth of her interest is diverse from large-scale urbanism and architecture, to interior design and furniture, to 3D printing and jewelry design. Prior to joining Field Architecture, Juliet ran her own residential practice. Her design of the first rammed earth residence in Mountain View, California demonstrates Juliet’s passion for mixing sustainability, technology and architecture. In addition to rammed earth, she has worked with PISE, Watershed Block, structural insulating panels, as well as other pre-fabrication methods.


Mark Jardine was raised in Michigan where he earned his Bachelor of Architecture at Andrews University. Working for a time at a small firm in Chicago, Mark returned to Andrews to earn his Master of Architecture before moving to the Bay Area. While at Andrews, Mark taught Revit classes and enjoys creating models and renders. Mark also has a talent for building furniture, finding that it brings him to a better understanding of the precision and techniques required in construction.

Melissa Perkinson

Originally from Southern California, Melissa moved to the Bay Area after completing her B.A. in Architecture at the University Colorado, Boulder. She worked as a project engineer for a local subcontractor before continuing her education at California College of the Arts. Recently, Melissa received a Masters of Architecture from CCA, graduated with Honors and won the Jury Prize for her thesis project.

Junior Designer

Originally from Irvine, California, Lissette Valenzuela is a senior studying Architectural Design at Stanford University with a minor in Computer Science. Prior to joining fA in the summer of 2015, Lissette interned at Tesla as part of the retail development team and at IBI Group to work on the Los Angeles Metro Path Plan where her role was to help visualize the proposed alterations to the city’s infrastructure.